2012-11-01 / Sports

Sports Thoughts……

by Mike Organ

Several people have accused me of being a ‘hater’ of UT and Mack Brown. I am not, and I think this past Saturday’s almost disaster may have proven some of my railings about UT and Brown. First of all, a $5 million dollar coach that, year in and year out, has a top notch recruiting class should have them ready to play every Saturday. Nick Saban does; why can’t Mack? Mack says the Longhorn Network takes too much of his time. What about the commercials, the radio interviews, the TV spots and recruiting (he is a top notch recruiter)?

The Dallas Cowboys continue to disappoint. The radio announcers said the crowd booed every time Jerry Jones appeared on the huge jumbotron hanging from the roof.

Much to Jerry’s dismay, the Houston Texans are becoming Texans’ favorite team, because they win. They play and don’t mouth off, like some of the Cowboy players. They also perform in the clutch.

The Lady Eagles and the Eagle football teams are both going to make playoff appearances. I only hope the rest of the year goes as well.

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