2012-10-25 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

Congratulations to the Lady Eagle volleyball team and Coach Player for winning district. As of this writing, Lexington only has five losses this season.

What has happened to defense in football? Are the offensive coaches that much better than the defensive coaches? Schulenburg scored 69 points Friday in a football game and lost by 7. Baylor scored 63 against West Virginia and lost. If a team scores 60 points in a football game, they should win by 40, with some of the scores being at the expense of the second and third strings.

The Texas defense is pitiful and Baylor’s is worse. Texas has given up so many points that they can’t be found in the nation’s top 100. It is a shame, because the Texas defense was so good and so proud in years past. Where is a young Mike Campbell?

The Austin paper is getting down right mean about the things people are writing about UT sports, but football in particular.

West Virginia has fallen from grace, after losses in two Big XII games - rather by getting massacred in the last two Big XII games. I think I questioned their defense after the Baylor game. Kansas State reduced their Heismann offense to nothing, besides scoring at will.

Johnny “football” gave a good accounting of himself against a quality LSU team. The Aggies are proving they belong in the SEC. It is a shame they switched leagues. They could have won the Big XII with the way they have been playing.

Several people asked what is a RoHawk? A UCR student said the student body voted for the mascot. It was a tie between a Rocket and a Hawk. Rather that revote, the principal came up with the the RoHawk, which is depicted as a hawk riding a rocket.

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