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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

October 15, 2012

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle on FM 696 around the Blue Fire Station. Deputy Skinner searched the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy York spoke with two parties in reference to a dog killing another dog in Lincoln.

Dispatch received a call requesting a welfare check on Hwy 21. Deputy York spoke with the man’s wife and she advised that her husband would call his dad back.

Deputy Allen was unable to locate some cattle reported on the road on CR 320.

Deputy York removed some cattle from the road on CR 221.

A colt was reported on the road on FM 141; Deputy Crockett removed it from the road.

A motorist reported a man walking down the road on FM 696; Deputy Allen searched the area but was unable to locate anybody walking.

Some drug activity was reported by a caller. Deputy Ayers talked with the caller and searched the area, but was unable to find anybody selling drugs.

A motorist reported a man hitchhiking on Hwy 77 near Hwy 21. Deputy Crockett located the man and gave him a courtesy ride to Cefco in Lexington.

A caller reported that she had suicidal thoughts and wanted to harm herself. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Crockett responded. The subject talked with MHMR and was released back to her parents.

October 16, 2012

Deputy Crockett ran a herd of cattle off of the road on CR 216 near CR 217.

Deputy Ray ran some cows off of the road on CR 216 near CR 217.

A caller requested a welfare check on her son in San Antonio. Deputy York contacted San Antonio Police and requested the check.

Deputy Allen was unable to locate some horses reported out on CR 405.

A motorist reported some cows out on FM 696. Deputy Allen responded, but the cows were gone upon arrival.

A burglary of a habitation was reported on CR 121. Deputy York responded and made a report.

A caller reported that her exboyfriend beat her up earlier in the day and she wanted to file a report and get a criminal trespass warning on him. Deputy Crockett took the report for the assault, but advised the caller that since she now lives in Rockdale, she needed to contact the police there to get the trespass warning.

Cows were reported out on CR 324 near the Burleson County line. Deputy Ayers was unable to locate them.

Two horses were reported out on FM 3403; Deputy Crockett managed to get them off the road and tried to locate an owner, but could not find the owner.

October 17, 2012

Cefco reported a gas drive off. Deputy Liles and Officer Woolridge responded. They found the registered owner of the vehicle, who advised that they would return to pay for the gas.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call about a van and a U-Haul pulling up to a house on CR 200; Deputy Allen and Deputy Ray responded. The owners were moving some things.

A caller reported that a horse was on the road on CR 233. Deputy Carvin responded and the owner was notified.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Ayers responded to the Fireman’s Park in reference to somebody cutting the power to a camper trailer. There was a problem with the breaker and the caller was given a number to fix it.

Deputy Carvin removed some cattle off of FM 3403.

October 18, 2012

A caller reported a white flatbed pickup driving down the middle of CR 113; Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Ledenbach where unable to find the vehicle.

A caller reported that somebody posted a speed limit sign on their private road and then threatened a neighbor; Deputy Liles talked to both parties and the situation was resolved.

Deputy Ledenbach assisted a school bus that was stuck on CR 101.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin took a report for a missing person. A case was opened and, with the help of AT&T, the Deputies were able to ping the cell phone and the subject was located in Gonzales County. Gonzales County assisted by picking up the missing man and taking him to their office while his family came to get him.

Deputy Skinner assisted Officer Yarbrough on a domestic disturbance in Lexington.

A caller stated that there was a maroon Grand Am parked in his driveway on CR 430. Deputy Carvin took the information.

October 19, 2012

A caller reported that she could hear somebody hitting her truck; Deputy Carvin checked the area; nobody was around.

A cow was reported out on Hwy 77 near Hwy 21. Deputy York was dispatched but could not locate any animals on the road.

Deputy Allen investigated a complaint about a dog not being taken care of; it was found that the dog had food and water.

A motorist reported a dog running back and forth on Hwy 77, causing a traffic hazard. Deputy Ray responded.

Deputy Allen and Deputy York assisted Officer Woolridge with a missing child in Lexington. The child was found at a relative’s house.

A caller reported loud music on Mesquite Trail; Deputy Crockett checked the area but did not hear any loud music.

A caller stated that someone in a dark car cut the lock off of his neighbor’s gate on CR 226 and took off toward Giddings. Deputy Ayers checked the area. The lock was still on the neighbor’s gate.

Deputy Ayers assisted Trooper Trojacek with an accident on CR 430.

A prowler was reported on FM 180. Deputy Crockett responded to the scene, but nobody was around the area upon arrival.

October 20, 2012

A caller reported a cow on the road on FM 696 East. Deputy Crockett responded, but was unable to locate the animal.

Deputy Ayers ran some cows off the road on CR 217 near CR 216. The owner was notified.

Dispatch received a call about a three year old not breathing. Lexington EMS and B&M Ambulance services were notified. Deputy Ray and Deputy York, along with the Lincoln Fire Department, responded for a landing zone for Starflight.

Deputy York, Deputy Allen and Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Trojacek with a head on accident on Hwy 21 near CR 401.

October 21, 2012

A caller stated that her husband jumped on her car and fell off. She thought she had run over him with the vehicle. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Crockett responded with the ambulance. Everything was ok. The husband refused treatment and the parties separated for the night.

A caller reported that somebody broke into his home on Clark Lane and stole his guns. Deputy York took a report.

A motorist reported a vehicle parked sideways on Hwy 77. The lady inside was having a seizure. B&M Ambulance was sent and requested a deputy to come help. Deputy York and Deputy Ray responded.

A caller stated that someone went into her home and broke the sheetrock and stole her clothes. Deputy Allen responded.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call about a four year old having difficulty breathing and a high fever. Lexington EMS and B&M Ambulance were dispatched. The ambulances requested Air Evac and Deputy York and Lincoln Fire Department assisted.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Crockett worked a car accident on Hwy 77.

Jail Report

JAIL COUNT: 10/21/2012 : 53 MALES: 49 FEMALES: 4

Let’s have a safe and Happy Halloween next Wednesday. Parents should think safety first when taking their children out to trick or treat. Parents may consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and trick or treat bags for greater visibility.

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