2012-10-25 / Community News

Outdoor News

By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

“Special Youth Only” season is fast approaching and will take place this weekend from Saturday the 27th through Sunday the 28th. This is the season when youth 16 years of age or younger can rifle hunt prior to the beginning of the general season, which occurs the first weekend in November. See the Outdoor Annual for more information.

So far this archery season, several nice bucks have been harvested, along with some fat doe and a few hogs. Hunters I’ve spoken with appear to be content, for they are seeing good signs of things to come. Although some of the deer being viewed will not come in to the feeders, it is being reported that the wait will be worthwhile once the natural food source plays out or rutting activity commences. Either way, good luck to all and be safe.

I’m in the process of forming a county-wide Hunter Education Instructor team. The ultimate goal is to have instructors embedded within respective communities so that the mandated course can be taught throughout the year, or at least more in tune with the respective hunting season. If you’re interested, give me a call.

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