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Dear Editor,

After reading the 4 letters to the editor in your October 18, 2012 edition, I felt it necessary to write a response to those letters that appear to be an attack on our current Road Commissioner, Ronnie Bradshaw.

The roads that were mentioned in the letters were CR 304 & 306. Yes, they are gravel roads and gravel roads are rough and they washboard, but saying the roads only get bladed once a year is nothing but a blatant falsehood.

I know for a fact these roads have been bladed twice since the first of September this year. I also know that over the past two years several loads of white rock gravel have been spread over these roads to help smooth them.

Whoever plowed CR 306 the weekend of Oct. 13 & 14 needs to be arrested.

They are dusty, which is to be expected with gravel roads. I travel these roads twice a day on a school bus and find them satisfactory. They are not the worst roads in the county. To say that Mr. Bradshaw is not maintaining these roads is purely and simply not true.

I applaud the work that Commissioner Bradshaw and his workers are doing in Pct. 3.

Bill Tucker

5877 CR 326

Lexington, TX 78947


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