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Dear Editor

Dear Editor I would like to draw some attention to the lack of concern shown by the County Commissioner, Ronnie Bradshaw, towards the pleas and petitions regarding the maintenance and improvements needed for our county roads. We have turned over two petitions, made a complaint at the commissioner’s court and made numerous phone calls and have received little to no improvements to CR 306. The lack of maintenance on CR 306 has made this road very dangerous with the falling limbs that are just pushed off into the ditch instead of being removed, the brush that has now grown into the middle of the road, the excessive amount of dust, the enormous pot holes and the parts of the roads that are completely missing from being washed out. It is unacceptable that we should have to drive down a road that has been neglected because we have made attempts to have some improvements or even maintenance done to a county road. My hope is that this letter will make an impact and the correct authorities will initiate steps to make these roads safer. Darrell Stifflemire, 1074 PR 3061, Lexington, Texas 78947

Lexington Leader, I have been a resident of Lee County for almost 30 years and living off of a dirt road, I expect to hit an occasional bump or pot hole. In my opinion, CR 304 and CR 306 are the worst roads in Lee County and they are worse now then they have ever been, since Ronnie Bradshaw has taken over as County Commissioner. I have signed two petitions and have heard nothing in response to those. I also have children that ride the bus that has to drive down these roads…. These roads are very dangerous because of the amount of dust and excessive brush on the roads. As a parent, I don’t think these roads are acceptable for transportation of children. I think it is unacceptable for the County Commissioner to say do not to maintain CR 306 when asked by other employees when they can maintain the roads. Isn’t it the job of the County Commissioner to maintain and make improvements to the roads? I don’t think that fixing an entry to a pasture or paving a dead end road is needed when high traffic roads are being neglected. I think that someone other than Ronnie Bradshaw should be aware of what’s happening which is why I decided to write this letter in hopes that someone will see how disrespectful he has been treating the people who have to travel down these roads daily. Thanks, Holly Davis

Editor: My horror story!!! I’m driving on CR 306, did I hit a raccoon? Nope, not a raccoon; just a pothole the size of a raccoon! I hit 10 potholes, veer off the road, can’t see because of the brush. Luckily I stopped because the road is washed out. There’s no Bridge sign….. Just a sign saying “Bridge is Out”. Slowly approach bridge….. Oh no, someone just rear-ended me!!! I look, but see no one. It was just the potholes! Just when I think my neck can’t take anymore torture, I hit more potholes. I hit something again…. a deer? I get out; twist my ankle in a hole. Couldn’t see the deer, so I limp back and continue. Approaching a corner, I have to drive into oncoming traffic! If not, I will be attacked by 15 foot weeds…. They look like Scare Crows! Maybe they can use the Scare Crows to fill in the potholes!!! WOW… Indians left arrowheads in the road. Those arrowheads are sharp! Should I get some…. Nah, I’ll have plenty stuck in my tires! A car is coming… I can’t move over it’s a one lane road? Are they gone, can’t see anything for all the dust. Where’s my mailbox? It’s hiding by brush!!! Maybe it was hot and looking for some shade? Glad to know that if I fall into a pot hole I won’t have to worry about being covered up because the road gets graded only once a year!!! Holly Stifflemire

Lexington Leader: I am writing this letter so that people are aware of the poor conditions of CR 304 and CR 306. I have signed two petitions to have these roads repaired and made drivable and have seen no results. In my opinion, the roads have been neglected even more since the petitions were drawn. Not only is my truck scratched from end to end due to the brush hanging into the middle of the road, it now has a dent in the front fender because of the brush and limbs that were pushed into the ditch. The limbs and brush should have been removed and not left in the ditch. I have measured the brush and it is 15 ft. tall now and when the wind blows it covers over half of the road. I can’t see to pull out of my driveway, which is a hazard. The bridges are unsafe and need to be upgraded…. Parts of the bridge are falling in. When asked when the road will be graded or maintained, we are told it will be graded when it rains. That excuse is ridiculous. Why should we have to suffer with a poorly maintained road when I’m sure a water truck can be used? Thanks, James Meyer

EDITOR’SNOTECONCERNINGTHEPRECEEDINGFOURLETTERSTOTHEEDITOR: The Leader spoke with Commissioner Ronnie Bradshaw on Monday of this week. He explained that he had his crew out to grade CR 306, who discovered upon arrival that someone had taken it upon themselves to “take a piece of equipment and plow the road up”. Bradshaw explained that in the case of Darrell Stifflemire’s concerns, his complaint had been active for at least a year or more. Commissioner Bradshaw said, “Precinct 3 spent $48,000 just on rock for his [Stifflemire’s] road in 2011. It doesn’t matter what we do, it’s never good enough. He wants his road paved. His road is six miles long. It costs $100,000 per mile to pave our roads and there are only six families living on that road. I cannot justify spending that kind of money for that many families. Some of the property owners won’t move their fence back from where it currently stands to make the road wide enough for us to pave it anyway.”

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