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Just a Thought.......

Rev. DaveFischer Rev. DaveFischer Some years ago, there was a professional football game that became famous, not just for its ending, but for what prevented most viewers from seeing its thrilling finish.

Joe Namath was driving his Jets football team toward the endzone, while time was running out. As the clock ticked toward zero, he dropped back for one more pass and suddenly the movie “Heidi” began to play on screens all over America.

The winning touchdown was not shown because a technician had been told to start the movie at a specific time and he did so, even though the game was not yet finished. The phone lines were as hot as the unhappy callers. Ever after, that interrupted football moment was known as “the Heidi game”.

I thought of that recently because I realized that many good people let bad times cause them to “exit early” from the battle of life. Believing that evil has won out, they give up, or switch sides, or just become indifferent.

And, guess what, the bad guys own the day!

People of faith, however, remember that the game is not over until God says so. Therefore, despite how dark things may seem, despite a score overwhelmingly in favor of the other side, despite all signs to the contrary, they continue to witness to and work for the good. And, guess what, God shows up to turn the tide at just the right moment!

Something to think about the next time your team is behind, or your troubles seem overwhelming.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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