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By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

October 2, 2012

While sitting in my truck drinking coffee Saturday morning, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I counted 21 vehicles parked in and around the Somerville Wildlife Management Area. The best weather for hunting ducks and the worst weather for sitting in a bow stand became one in the same.

Archery hunters seemed oblivious to the fact that rain was coming down so hard it would have been impossible to track a wounded deer. One hunter who had come with a buddy, was forced to sit in the rain because the other had taken the truck keys with him. As he fumbled through his hunting pack, I asked if he was OK. Soaking wet, he replied, “There’s nothing like opening weekend”. When I asked a couple of other hunters about changing their mind, they said, “Well you can’t get em if you’re sitting at home”. True, but at least I’d be dry.

Lately, mountain lion sightings have been reported in several areas of the county. For those interested in calling and filing a report, contact TPWD at 512-389- 8047. They may be harvested any time of the day or night because they are not protected (non-game).

When doe permits are issued, it is done by county biologist, Greg Pleasant; only he can tell you the method by which landowners qualify for permits. Contact his office at 979-540-2744 for more information.

I may be contacted at 979-540- 0194 or victor.gonzales@tpwd.state.tx.us.

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