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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I wanted to pass on something very special that happened last Friday. I’m active duty Army and stationed at Fort Hood.

I was at dinner with my girlfriend and 3 children. Some men were eating at a table beside us. I’m assuming they were in town for the football game against Jarrell. One of the gentlemen stood up to leave and came over and asked if I was in the Army. I said “yes, sir” and he then thanked me for my service. I told my girlfriend and kids I still am not used to being thanked like that, because, to me, I’m just doing my job. About 2 minutes later, he came back and handed me my bill, which he had paid for in full!!!! With 5 people it wasn’t cheap. I couldn’t speak because I was so moved by his generosity. I stood up shook his hand and managed to say “thank you.”

Being a Bryan native, I’ve seen the sign for Lexington many times. The act of kindness and patriotism of one of your own made me decide to swing by sometime. This is a tough time for our great nation, but that one very generous act by one of your citizens showed me that no matter what political affiliation, background or any of the multitude of things that make us different, we are all still one! One great nation filled with many amazing and wonderful people.

Very respectfully,


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