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City Taking Doorto Door Surveys

If someone comes to your door saying they are taking a survey for the City of Lexington and needs some information about your family income, it’s true. In order to apply for a Texas Community Development Block Grant, the city must take this survey in person.

If the City qualifies for the grant, it would be used to pay for more upgrades to the city’s sewer lines.

“We have to show that the areas of Lexington where we want to spend the grant money are areas in which low to moderate income persons reside,” said Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr.

“That’s why the city is asking questions about household income,” the Mayor continued.

While residents are not required to answer the questions, the Mayor is asking for people to cooperate in order to help their neighborhood.

“We want to be sure everyone knows this is legitimate. Everyone from the city taking the survey will identify themselves and have the proper identification to prove that they are there on behalf of the City,” said the Mayor.

If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact City Hall at 979-773-2221.

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