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September Lexington ISD Board of Trustees Meeting

The Lexington ISD Board of Trustees held their regular meeting on September 17. Board members attending the meeting were Phillip Brown, Joe Green, Russell Iselt, Alan Turner, David Boettcher, and Doug Havard. Dr. Mark Strain was not in attendance. Mr. Brown, Board President, called the meeting to order, and declared that a quorum was present. The following action and discussion occurred:

No one in the audience signed up for public comment.

The minutes of the called and regular meetings of August 27th, and the board financial report were approved. Policy BDF (Legal) regarding citizen advisory committees, was reviewed.

A public hearing was conducted on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST). There were twenty indicators that were reviewed by the state. LISD received a superior rating.

Administrative procedures for drug testing of students in cocurricular and extra-curricular activities, as presented by the Texas Association of School Boards Policy Service, were reviewed. Board members discussed this item at the August board meeting, and requested additional information. The policies and procedures were adopted, as presented.

Statute requires the Board of Trustees to appoint a Health Advisory Committee to make recommendations related to student health and wellness. The committee includes community members and employees whose occupations or teaching assignments are related to health and fitness, and parents interested in student health. The Student Health Advisory Committee for 2012-2013 was approved as listed - community members Linda Patschke, Mary Retzloff, Lorene Callison; parents Dr. Kristi Burkhart, Holly Wallingsford, Laura Higgins, Jennifer Lansford, Terry Warner, grandparent Peggy Leutz, and school employees Hope Siegmund, Kristi Bradford, and Kathy Lamb.

The mileage on school district’s vehicles are mounting. The transportation director has been contacting dealerships to try to locate a used truck, but the selection is limited, due to the type of truck that is needed to accommodate various activities in the district. After, discussion, no action was taken and this item will be placed on the October agenda.

The board agenda for the October regular meeting was reviewed.

In her Superintendent’s report, Dr. McArthur reported on refunds from AT & T and Verizon. She also discussed Senate Bill 18, eminent domain rights. Formal action must be taken by the end of the year on a resolution to retain the school district’s right for eminent domain, should the school board decide to do so. This will be discussed at the October meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:06 p.m. Look for the minutes of the School Board meetings in the Leader each month.

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