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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

Several Friday nights ago I attended the Lexington vs Cameron football game. What a bittersweet night watching our Lexington football boys and coaches work so hard to play a great game for our enjoyment. The only true disappointment of the evening was watching grown men and women decide that leaving the stands 15 minutes early was more important than watching their team go the distance.

This mass exodus at every level of sports is indicative of our fast paced, give me results society and has bothered me since high school. What message are we sending young people when we cannot spare even a few minutes to watch the final results of their countless hours of preparation? As spectators of a sporting event, we have a duty to stay and cheer on our teams to the end. For those young men on Friday nights, after a well fought game, they need to see people cheering them - stands filled as they were at the beginning shouting their encouragement and letting them know that their efforts were appreciated. Our youth events are a training ground for real life - will this generation learn that hard work is respected even when our outcome is not favorable? Let our attendance and applause be just as loud in receiving a team bloodied from a hard fought battle as it was for the adrenaline fueled anticipation of a victory.

Brandi Knippa

Lexington, TX

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