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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

August 27, 2012

A caller reported that he had two show lambs in his yard and would like a deputy to come find the owner. Deputy Skinner was dispatched and the owners came to pick up their lambs.

Deputy Liles took a report at the Sheriff’s Office for credit card abuse.

A caller reported that some dogs had been abandoned on CR 118 by their previous owners. Deputy Ledenbach checked on the dogs and will talk with the animal shelter about getting the dogs.

A motorist reported that a drunk driver had pulled over and the passenger, who he believed was also intoxicated, started to drive. Deputy Ray located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

Deputy Carvin responded to a domestic disturbance on CR 230. A juvenile was causing issues. The parties were separated.

Deputy Ledenbach responded to a noise complaint at Westwood Villa Apartments. All was ok. The subjects will keep the noise down.

Deputy Carvin removed some cattle from the road on FM 112.

August 28, 2012

Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach assisted Trooper Kolek on a rollover accident on Hwy 21.

The Giddings Police Department requested an assist on a two car accident. Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Weiser at Hwy 290 and Hwy 77.

A motorist reported a one vehicle accident on Hwy 77 near Blue Moon. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputies Skinner and Ledenbach responded.

Deputy Ledenbach removed a cow from the road on Hwy 77, just north of Lexington.

Dispatch received a call about a suspicious person trying to get a ride at Walch store. Deputy Ledenbach identified the man and gave him a courtesy transport to Burleson County.

Caller reported a man sitting in his vehicle in the middle of the road on CR 103. Deputies Carvin and Ray responded but were unable to locate anybody.

Deputy Ledenbach was handed a wallet that was found on Hwy 21 in Lincoln. It had credit cards, but no ID and no cash.

August 29, 2012

Deputy Crockett removed some animals from the road on Hwy 21 in Manheim.

Motorist reported several cows out on Hwy 21 near FM 141; Deputy York was unable to locate the animals.

Caller requested a welfare check on her son due to his medical issues. Chief Deputy Lapham responded. Upon arrival, another family member was there, getting ready to take him to the hospital.

Deputy Crockett completed a civil standby on Vernon Street.

Dispatch received calls about gravel trucks speeding down CR 226. Deputy York spoke to the supervisor of the workers and advised that they need to stop speeding down the road.

Deputy Ayers and Deputy Carvin checked on a suspicious vehicle at Walch store. All was ok.

A caller reported that her neighbor’s cattle were grazing in her pasture. Deputy Ledenbach responded and advised her to speak with the cattle’s owner.

August 30, 2012

Deputy York checked on a report of animal cruelty on FM 180.

Trooper Thorp, Deputy York, Deputy Crockett and Deputy Rudolph were able to locate a vehicle with an unsecured load. The vehicle was stopped by Trooper Thorp on Hwy 290 near Color Star.

Dispatch received a call about a dog on a rope on FM 2440. Deputy Ayers checked on the dog and found that it was ok.

August 31, 2012

A caller advised that when a guy left her house, he hit both her vehicles and left. Deputy Allen and Deputy Ayers responded. A report was taken.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Ayers assisted Officer Jirasek in Lexington in an attempt to arrest a subject for a violation of a Protective Order. The subject managed to get away.

A caller reported some suspicious activity at the Church of Christ on FM 141. Deputy Allen and Deputy Greg searched the area, but found no one around.

Deputy Liles completed a motorist assist with a mail truck that had broken down, on Hwy 290.

Dispatch received a call about a riding lawn mower found on FM 141. Deputy Liles checked on it.

Deputy Liles took a report of a stolen trailer on PR 7703.

ADT advised of a burglary alarm on FM 180. Deputy Skinner responded. All was ok.

A caller reported that a tornado touched down on CR 120. The National Weather Service was notified and Deputy Ledenbach went to meet with complainant.

Deputy Skinner took a report on some criminal mischief in Dime Box after receiving a call about somebody trashing a car.

Dispatch received a call about someone broken down on the side of the road. Deputy Skinner checked on the vehicle and learned that help was on the way.

Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Carvin removed some cattle from the roadway on Hwy 21 E near the Middle Yegua.

Deputy Ray was unable to locate a bull reportedly out on CR 114.

Caller reported that somebody was dealing drugs at the football game. Information was given to Deputy Allen.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach completed a welfare check on PR 1221; the subject was transported to the hospital.

Deputy Ray took a report for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on CR 137.

September 1, 2012

Deputy Carvin assisted Officer Jirasek with a disturbance on Ave E in Lexington.

A motorist reported some cows out on Hwy 21 near CR 402. Upon arrival of Deputy Ray, the animals were no longer on the roadway.

Caller reported pellets hitting the roof of the Lyons Den on FM 141. Deputy Liles and Deputy

Skinner checked out the area and found that it was dove hunters. They were told to watch where they were shooting.

Deputy Skinner checked on an animal complaint in Dime Box. The dog was found to be in great shape with nothing wrong.

Deputy Liles was unable to locate a cow reported out on FM 180.

Deputy Skinner took a report on a stolen mailbox on CR 208.

A motorist reported a large piece of tire in the road on Hwy 21 near Lincoln. Deputy Skinner removed the debris.

Deputy Skinner completed a civil standby on CR 203.

Caller reported gun fire near the VFW Hall on FM 141. Deputy Carvin checked the area and found that it was hunters. He told them to be careful where they shoot.

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ray responded to a disturbance on CR 230. One subject was taken into custody.

September 2, 2012

A report was taken by Deputy Ray for a disturbance on FM 141.

A caller advised that somebody stole two riding lawn mowers from him on Hwy 290. Deputy Liles took a report.

Deputy Skinner was unable to locate a cow reported out on CR 203.

A caller advised that a truck threw a rock up and broke her window. Deputy Skinner checked on the caller and advised her to get a blue form for insurance purposes.

A caller reported a man lying in the road on CR 122. Deputies Skinner and Liles, along with B&M Ambulance, checked on the subject who was taken to the custody of family members.

Dispatch received a call about a car throwing clothes out the window and a woman walking behind the car picking up the clothes on CR 117. Deputy Carvin was unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Ledenbach removed some cows from the road on Hwy 21 near Middle Yegua.

Deputy Ray recovered some found property on Hwy 21, and the owner was notified.

Deputy Carvin took information on a child custody issue.

Jail Report

JAIL COUNT: 09/3/2012: 66 MALES: 59 FEMALES: 7

The Lee County Jail had 1,449 inmate jail days in population, and 59 inmate jail days in holding. The Lee County Dispatchers received 307 calls for service for the month of August.


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