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Stewards Of The Land

PHOTO BY SI COOK, Texas Farm Bureau’s director of organization and a rancher in Lavaca County. PHOTO BY SI COOK, Texas Farm Bureau’s director of organization and a rancher in Lavaca County. Posted by txfbAg on Aug 27, 2012 in Texas Agriculture; by Si Cook

The picture at the botton of the article was taken on a piece of ground that I like to call “mine.” The oak tree has been standing there for probably a couple of centuries, oblivious to who “owns” the ground in which it is rooted.

As I considered this, reality set in and I came back to my senses. I really do not own anything in this picture. The good Lord is simply allowing me to take care of a part of His creation for a short time. My goal is to be a good steward and to leave what has been entrusted to me in better shape than when I found it.

That is the attitude shared by most folks who make their living in agriculture.

In this picture, you see green grass, a calm sky and a brilliant sunset. Those who make their living from the land know that is not always the case.

Storm clouds form and test that big oak to its breaking point. The rains sometimes cease, and that green grass disappears for long periods of time. Insects, disease and even manmade challenges are ever-present to threaten the survival and prosperity of the oak.

In the face of all of those challenges, however, this old oak has been around for a very long time.

People who make their living in agriculture are a lot like this oak tree. They have no control of most of the things that happen around them, yet they endure through good times and bad to feed and clothe the rest of us.

I am glad there are still solid folks like that out there. They deserve our respect—and our thanks.

Si Cook is Texas Farm Bureau’s director of Organization. Si also is a rancher and tends to his land in Lavaca County, where this photo was taken. Visit the Texas Farm Bureau website at www.texasfarmbureau.org.

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