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Annual Chocolate Festival in Jeopardy

by Lee Marks, Lexington Chamber of Commerce

Lexington’s 9th Annual Chocolate Lovers Festival scheduled for October 20 is in jeopardy this year. We have not been able to recruit even ONE volunteer to help put on the event, and many of our regular volunteers are unavailable this year.

The festival consists of a 5K fun run, chocolate pancake breakfast, Best Chocolate Cake/Dessert baking contest, chocolate alley (chocolate sampling), food/soft drink booths, vendor booths, fear factor contest for teens, as well as rides and games for children. It takes a minimum of 12 people to accomplish this. That does not include pre-event work, such as seeking sponsors, advertising, leg work getting supplies, and preparing items for the contests.

The Chamber has already realized that we’re going to have to greatly scale back this year’s Chocolate Lovers Festival. The Chamber is contractually committed to a couple of children’s rides, so we feel we cannot cancel the entire event. In addition, several of the businesses on the Square, and community members, have protested our ideas to cancel, move, or even scale back the festival.

In addition, because of some needed repairs and higher than usual expenses at this year’s Homecoming, our Chamber funds at this time are very limited; the festival is one of the ways that the Chamber supports itself and the scholarships and community programs that it provides. Therefore, we are looking for any and all ways that we can proceed with Chocolate Lovers Festival this year.

If anyone feels they are willing to put in some time helping with this fun event, please contact Lee Marks at 979-773-2482, or leave a message at the Chamber, 979-773-4337. You will be helping our community, the merchants on the Square, as well as your Chamber of Commerce.

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