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Giddings Library News Corner

by Judy Belyeu

The Giddings Public Library continues to review books from our Texas authors who will be featured at our Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival on September 14, 2012, from 9:00am- 5:00pm.

The View From A Different Angle by Rodney Williams is a book that represents a portion of what the author has written on his life experiences and adventures. It covers how to live a positive and happy life, the difference between boys and girls, communication, relationships, spirituality, inspiration, and observations about people in general. David Crockett: Hero And Legend And Henrietta King: Loving The Hand, by Mary Dodson Wade, discusses American folklore but details the life of a very real Colonel David Crockett. Henrietta King is a strong woman who ran the most legendary ranches in America.

Treasure Hunt In Tie Town by Vicky Rase is about an unhappy rancher who finds a treasure map. Phoebe Clapsaddle And The Tumbleweed Gang by Melanie Chrisner combines Southern manners with a no-nonsense Western spirit to teach everyone that being a lady is more than just talking pretty and lounging around: it requires smarts and some sharp lassoing techniques. Pen Pals by Joy DeGasper, aka Joanne Johnson is a delightful story that hints a new possibilities, reaching out to others and getting rid of prejudices, old ideas.

My Best Friend Is Blue by Joy Gasperi, aka Joanne Johnson is the first book in a series of stories, which uses current world issues as themes. This book presents racial discrimination with a twist. David Crockett: Hero Of The Common Man by William Gronemann III tells about Crockett himself as being responsible for much of the folklore about his life. A gregarious, fun-loving man, he was fond of spinning tall tales over a “horn” of liquor. The truth of his life, as William Groneman emphasizes in this book, is far more fascinating than the myth. Vera Kara’s Family: Picking Up The Pieces, Again by Agnes Hannes is based on the memories of Vera Kara, the granddaughter of an Austrian baron and the Austrian brew master to Cxar Nicholas. The Kara family story is a cross between a fairy tale and a nightmare.

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