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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

The Post Oak Savannah Groundwater District should be named the “Permitting” District, since they approve all applications.

LCRA appears to think their Alcoa land purchase is a done deal, that they will get permits to pump 15 billion gallons of Carrizo- Wilcox groundwater per year. Does the purchase depend on Alcoa’s pumping permits being approved on September 11? Or do you think that LCRA is buying 34,000 acres of land without being sure that they will get their groundwater?

I believe the locations of the 24 new wells that Alcoa wants to drill, are highly informative. Five of the wells are on the Milam/Lee county line, inside Milam County. In Lee County, they would be in the jurisdiction of Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, which has not approved all permit applications. The 24 new wells are all located in Milam County.

POSGCD has already given permits to water marketer Blue Water Systems to annually pump and export 23 billion gallons of Carrizo-Wilcox groundwater. Now, Alcoa is requesting pumping permits for 13 billion gallons per year. Another water marketer, Brazos River Authority (BRA), has already made public their future plans to pump almost 15 billion gallons/year of Carrizo-Wilcox groundwater from Burleson County.

There isn’t that much Carrizo- Wilcox groundwater, if you want to have Carrizo-Wilcox groundwater around for the future.

Voice your opinion (you get three minutes) and come to the Alcoa permit application public hearing on Sept. 11, at the Milano Civic Center at 5:30.

Curtis Chubb, Ph.D.

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