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Simple Scalloped Potatoes

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, what a great vegetable! There are so many variations for preparation, and so many different recipes to choose from when making a delicious potato dish. This one is on the light side. More...

Home Country

There is a payoff, Doc told us, for getting the aches and pains of old age. Doc should know. We have it on good authority that he is actually older than a flat, brown rock. More...

Belief in America

In the midst of the campaign season, with the party conventions getting underway, much of the rhetoric has grown contentious. At this point, I think it is helpful to consider why we hold the beliefs we do, whatever party we happen to be a member of. More...


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Voyage of Discovery

It’s the most disgusting task a parent has to do. Worse than changing diapers. Worse than cleaning the bathroom. Worse than finding maggots in your trash can. Well, okay, it’s a close second. It’s time to clean the minivan. More...

Woodrow And Elizabeth Spacek Presented Awards

Elizabeth Spacek was honored by the Dime Box Lions Club with a Honorary Lifetime Membership for her dedication to the Lions Club and to the community of Dime Box. More...

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