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Just a Thought.......

Rev. DaveFischer

My father ruined me. And I am going to tell you how. When I was a freshman in college, I came home for Thanksgiving break full of new information from my first Psychology course. I immediately found a time to share my new knowledge with him, especially my awareness that nothing was my fault. It was all the result of his lousy parenting. He listened to my lengthy diatribe. When I finally paused, confident in what I had said, he only spoke one word, “So?” I was shocked. I could not believe how callously he dismissed my wonderful enlightenment.

Then he spoke some more. “Even if all of what you say is true,” he said, “you still have to live your life. I am not responsible for what happens from here on out. You are. And I am confident that with such excellent training you will do well.”

At the time, I was very unhappy. Now, all these years later, I understand. I thought my father had ruined me, leaving me with no one to blame for all my misfortunes. Actually, he had freed me. To live beyond, and to live in the freedom of what I did and achieved.

It has been a wonderful gift. Tough, yes. When the mistakes are our own, they can be hard to swallow and difficult to live down. But you learn. And you get something better than knowledge, wisdom.

Wisdom is what my father shared that day in the yard. And I am still grateful for it.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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