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Water Restrictions Could Return

Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. issued a statement last week, citing excessive water usage as the deciding factor whether or not the City imposes water restrictions again this year as it has in years past.

“We’ve been fortunate this summer with the amount of rainfall we’ve received. However, with the exception of this weekend’s brief showers, the last month or so has been extremely dry and hot. I am sure that’s the main reason why so many of our water customers are using an extraordinary amount of water. If water usage by our residential and commercial customers continues as it has been for the last 30 days or so, we will have no choice but to restrict water usage for the entire City,” said Mayor Willrich.

During the month of July alone, residential customers of Lexington used a total of 6,370,800 gallons of water. Commercial customers tacked on an additional 827,700 gallons. The Mayor said that’s a lot more water usage than normal.

When the City has imposed water restrictions in the past, they usually do so by dividing the addresses allowed to perform outdoor watering on odd and even days of the month. If the City imposes restrictions in the near future, it may hold to that formula, or it may impose greater restrictions. In the meantime, Mayor Willrich encourages everyone to conserve.

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