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Meet the Contemporary Worship Leader at Lexington United Methodist Church

Jared Smith Jared Smith In May, Lexington United Methodist Church began a brand new Contemporary Worship Service on Sundays at 5 p.m. to better serve people in our community. The service features live praise and worship music and Bible teaching in a casual atmosphere. It has already proven to be a great environment for children, youth, and families, as well as single adults to come and encounter God in a real, authentic way.

Their worship leader is Jared Smith, who is beginning his senior year at La Grange High School.

Five years ago Jared borrowed a guitar from a friend, went to the local library to check out a copy of Guitar for Dummies, and got to work. After falling in love with the instrument, Jared began taking lessons and has advanced as a musician, a person, and as a follower of Christ through the experience. Jared has always felt a calling to play music, but through an experience at a worship-based music camp in Nashville, TN, Jared felt a calling to lead worship. He says the camp changed his entire perspective on what worship was and what God calls us to offer in worship. For six to seven hours a day, he would sing music with new friends and praise God with people he had never met. He realized through that experience that worship is a very personal, intimate, connection with Christ that can be achieved through every aspect of our lives, even after the service has ended.

When asked about his experience leading worship at Lexington UMC, Jared responded: “this new service has changed me as a follower of Christ because it has forced me to not only follow Christ and be in his presence during worship, but to be actively listening to new worship music and studying the Word in order to be able to lead others in the worship of Christ our Savior. It has been an enormous blessing to me and a jump start to my Christian walk.”

Lexington UMC invites everyone to come and experience God at their 5:00 p.m. Sunday Evening Contemporary Worship Service. For more information, please contact Pastor Lance Richards at (979) 773-2728 or mchurch@reveillebroadband.com.

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