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Giddings Library News Corner

The Giddings Public Library continues to offer books from our Texas authors.
by Judy Belyeu

Dear Future Son-In-Law by Wayne Edwards is a collection of hilarious poems for the young adult. Sirius Loss: A Star Lost, A New Future by Timothy Edwards is about an unassuming astronomer and her family as they find themselves and the entire world dislocated after she makes a series of major interstellar discoveries that lead to the worst threat to Earth ever. The future of our solar system will never be the same again.

Voices Of The Dust Bowl by Sherry Garland is juvenile fiction about dust storms and the great plains. Cinderella’s Daughter And The Secret Of Big Bend by Diane Garner is about the family of this author. She shares how her family finds Prosperity in a small Texas town when her mother becomes a hospital executive - a very unusual career for a woman in the fifties. One day at the age of twenty-two she learns a startling secret about her mother’s hidden past, then embarks on a journey to restore the last legacy of her family.

The Burning Of Brenham by Sharon Brass is about the history of Brenham including the Washington County railroad, wild west boom town, federal soldiers bringing trouble and historic cisterns. Saga Of A Texas Ranger by Jerry Robenalt is a vivid portrayal of the challenges and trials faced by a young Texas Ranger during the infant years of the Republic of Texas. Dead Perfect by P. G. Schriver aka Gean Penny is about a young lady whose dreams are shattered when her mother is in an auto accident. With her mother gone, her life and perspective changed forever.

An Outhouse Without A Roof And Other Humor From My Life by Hal Warnick is a memoir that contains stories about an outhouse without a roof, animals gone wild, any number of fiascos, and his second marriage – something he refers to as a union between “The Art Bunny and the Art Bunny’s Artist”.

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