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Rev. DaveFischer Rev. DaveFischer Recently I officiated at my first funeral in Lexington. And I was reminded that, even when the rhythm of life is broken, there is a flow which continues.

First come the phone calls, then the visits. Most folks hug. It is a simple way to say, “I know you are falling apart, but I will be one of those who holds you together.”

Of course, there is food, lots of food. It is not just for the nourishment of the body. The message of the meal is two-fold. “You need to keep your strength during this crisis; and, you need energy for the journey ahead.” Despite how hopeless things seem now, the future is not empty.

Then follows the visitation where we remember, not just our loved ones, but all those other folks who loved them, too. The stories are important, especially the ones we don’t know. Those special people in our lives often had an influence we never knew about.

Now we know. And we love them more.

In Lexington, the actual funeral service is most often held in a church, a reminder that some things are eternal, including the love we shared. It does not end. It just moves to the next level.

Later on, family and friends walk with us, one day at a time, as we answer that most difficult question, “How can I go on?” Their presence tells us that our future will still be one of support and care.

In Lexington, the obituary is in the paper, but the real action happens in the hearts of the community. And that makes all the difference.

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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