2012-08-16 / Sports

Sports Thoughts………

by Mike Organ

Some people are so engrossed in the Olympics that the following story evolved: The husband was lying on the couch watching the Olympics when the wife noticed a snake had made its way into the house. She was alarmed and told her husband about the snake. He got up off the couch, went to the garage and retrieved the hoe. He laid back down on the couch and told the wife to let him know when she found the snake again!!!!!!!

Another wife commented that the closing ceremonies were her favorite part of the Olympic coverage. She could not wait for her regular shows to be on TV. I think she forgot it is almost football season. The preseason games will be taking up the airways almost every night of the week.

Usain Bolt is incredible. He may be the fastest man ever in the history of the track competition. He cruised to wins in the 100, 200, and 4x100 relay.

American basketball is ahead of the world in skill. The rest of the world has to play tough defense and smart offense to be competitive with the USA.

The Eagle and Lady Eagle football and volleyball teams appear to be focused on being in the playoffs for more than one round.

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