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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

August 6, 2012

Deputy Ayres was dispatched to Hwy 21 near the Elm Creek Café after a motorist reported several cows out on the roadway.

The Sheriff’s Office received a callconcerninga9yearoldgranddaughter who could not be located. Sheriff Meyer, Deputy York and Deputy Ayres were assisted by South Lee County Fire Dept in searching the area near PR 2102. The child was located walking along CR 209 and was fine.

A motorist reported a cow out on FM 141 just before CR 116. Deputy York searched the area but reported the cow was not found.

A concerned citizen called and reported that she had not heard from her friend in a few days and was worried about her. Chief Deputy Lapham checked her residence on CR 309 in Lexington, but no one was home.

Captain Gonzales and Lincoln Fire Dept were dispatched to a vehicle fire on Hwy 21 near CR 107. The driver reported that his tire blew and the wheel well was so hot that it caught the trailer on fire.

A complainant reported that several mailboxes had been damaged on CR 118. Chief Deputy Lapham checked out the damage.

Captain Gonzales assisted with a civil standby after a caller reported that she needed to get her belongings from a residence on CR 114.

A caller reported that his neighbor threatened to beat him up. Deputy Allen spoke to both parties and the two hashed out their problems.

August 7, 2012

Deputy Ayres was dispatched to CR 133 after a caller reported that his mailbox had been damaged. A report was taken.

A complainant wanted to file a report concerning a certain individual who continued to speed up and down his right of way, even though he had a 10 mph sign posted along the right of way. Deputy Allen met with the complainant, and advised him it was a civil matter since it was on private property.

Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant on PR 7037 after he called and reported that he was threatened and would like to file charges. A report was taken and investigation continues.

A caller reported that she broke off a relationship with her boyfriend and he began sending her text messages saying goodbye and pictures of himself with a gun in his mouth. Deputy Allen and Deputy Rudolph checked on the subject and had MHMR evaluate him. MHMR released him back to his residence.

August 8, 2012

Deputy Ayres was dispatched to a residential burglar alarm on CR 213. The residence and outer perimeter were checked and appeared to be secure.

A complainant reported that two women driving trucks pulled up to her dumpster and were throwing their trash in it. The license plate numbers were given to Deputy Carvin. Investigation continues on this case.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a company advising that one of their ex-employees took the fuel card out of one of the company trucks and has been using it around town. Deputy Ayres took the report and charges were filed.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to FM 141 after a motorist reported a calf out on the roadway. The calf was located and removed.

A complainant reported that they received an eviction notice and had until Tuesday to move out, but the landlord had the electricity turned off. Deputy Rudolph advised them to contact the judge because it was a civil matter.

A motorist reported a red dually truck swerving in and out of lanes and speeding on Hwy 290 West, heading east. Deputy Ray located the vehicle and the driver was issued a citation.

August 9, 2012

A concerned citizen reported an elderly man carrying a backpack walking along Hwy 290 just west of Hills. Deputy Carvin located the subject and gave him a courtesy ride to a store.

A motorist reported that a very large piece of tire was in the eastbound lane of Hwy 290 West near Hills and vehicles were swerving to miss it. Deputy Crockett located the tire and removed it from the road.

Deputy Crockett searched Hwy 290 West for a vehicle that was traveling at dark without any headlights. The vehicle was located and the lights were on.

August 10, 2012

Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Ayres met with a complainant on CR 430 in Dime Box, reporting that someone was shooting laser beams at her electrical box. The property was checked and everything appeared to be ok.

A resident reported that a car was parked in his driveway. There was no one around or near the vehicle and he wanted a deputy to check it out. Deputy Ledenbach was dispatched to the scene.

Deputy Liles and Deputy Ledenbach spoke to a complainant who reported that his juvenile son was being very disrespectful and requested a deputy talk to him. The father was given the phone number to the juvenile probation office in case he had any more problems.

A caller reported that her former roommates were at her house and were trying to get some of their things. She requested a civil standby so there would not be any problems. Deputy York stood by while the girls got their personal belongings.

Deputy Liles assisted with traffic control at the scene of a three vehicle accident on Hwy 21 near CR 453 in Dime Box.

A concerned motorist reported that there was a brown horse and a white horse near a trailer on FM 141 near PR 1417. The brown horse appeared to be thin. Deputy Liles and Deputy Ledenbach checked on the horses and reported to dispatch that they had food and water. The brown horse was old but appeared to be fine.

Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant who reported that someone had dumped some bags of trash in the creek on CR 205. The bags contained trash, including mail with names on it. A report was taken and charges are being filed.

August 11, 2012

A complainant called and reported that someone broke into her barn and she had some items stolen. Deputy York is working on the case.

Deputy Crockett assisted with a civil standby at a residence on CR E in Lexington. A woman was moving out of her boyfriend’s house and requested a deputy be there to make sure he didn’t start any trouble.

A caller reported that while he was talking to his friend on the phone she told him that she had cut her wrists in an attempt to kill herself. His friend lives on Deer Valley Dr. in Elgin, but in Lee County. Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Ayres located the female and advised that she had cuts but they were from several hours prior and were no longer bleeding. Subject was transported to the Sheriff’s Office so that MHMR could evaluate her.

Deputy Ayres assisted Lexington Police at a disturbance call on Hale St. in Lexington. One male subject was arrested and charged with assault family violence.

August 12, 2012

A caller reported that there was a man lying in the bar ditch on CR 135 just off CR 114. He was seen wearing a green shirt and it looked like he was holding his stomach. Deputy Crockett searched the area but advised no one was lying in any of the ditches.

Deputy Crockett responded to a call on Kay St. A caller reported that sometime the night before, a vehicle ran off the road into some trees. The vehicle left the area.

A motorist reported that there was a man wearing blue jeans and no shirt, slumped over on the side of the road, on Hwy 290 between CR 139 and The Longhorn. Deputy York and Deputy Crockett searched for the subject and located him walking along the road. Deputy Crockett gave him a courtesy ride to Ledbetter.

Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant on FM 2440 after he called and reported that his daughter had some prescription pills and there were a lot of pills missing from the bottle than should be. The daughter was having suicidal thoughts and was evaluated by MHMR. Deputy Rudolph transported her to the Austin State Hospital.

Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Allen responded to a disturbance at Shady Oaks. The female complainant stated that she was having an argument with her husband. When deputies arrived on the scene, her husband had left the residence and the female refused to cooperate and would not give any information.

A caller reported that his son was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The bite did not require a hospital visit, but they wanted to make sure the dog was chained up for observation. Deputy Ayres talked with the dog owner, who took the dog to the animal shelter for a ten day period.

Jail Report

JAIL COUNT: 08/12/2012: 48 MALES: 43 FEMALES: 5

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated 2 Assaults Family Violence, 2 Burglaries and 9 Thefts for the month of July. When you help Crime Stoppers, you never have to give your name, and if your information leads to the arrest and indictment of the criminal, you could earn up to $1,000.


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