2012-08-16 / Police

Lexington Police Report

by Chief Clarence Yarbrough

August 5, 2012

Officer Nurse responded to the 400 block of Ave A regarding a theft report. A report was taken and the case was forwarded to Capt. Wooldridge for further investigation.

Officer Nurse responded to the 100 block of 5th St regarding an Assault Family Violence Call. Upon arrival, contact was made with the parties involved. The suspect was not on scene at the time of Officer Nurse’s arrival. The investigation is still ongoing.

August 7, 2012

Officer Nurse responded to the 800 block of 7th St regarding a damaged property report. Upon arrival, Officer Nurse was advised a wide load vehicle came through and broke one of the phone lines in the area. Contact was made with the owner of the line and the wide load delivery service information was passed on to the owner of the line. Officer Nurse cleared without further incident.

Officer Jirasek was notified of a runaway from the Tanglewood community. Officer Jirasek gathered the necessary information and passed it on to Deputy Rudolph. Deputy Rudolph took the gathered information collected by Officer Jirasek and cleared the scene.

Officer Jirasek was dispatched to respond to County Road 411 to assist Lee County Sheriff’s Office with a suspicious vehicle in the area. Officer Jirasek arrived in the area of County Road 411 and canvassed the area, but was unable to locate the vehicle at that time. Officer Jirasek continued to periodically check the area throughout his shift.

Officer Jirasek responded to the Auction Barn regarding a suspicious vehicle complaint. The vehicle was checked out and contact was made with the property owner and vehicle owner. It was determined the vehicle was authorized to be on the property.

Officer Jirasek responded to the 700 block of Rockdale regarding a vehicle welfare concern. The vehicle was checked out and no further information was needed. Officer Jirasek cleared the scene without incident.

August 8, 2012

Cpt. Wooldridge responded in the area of 3rd St concerning a burglary call. Cpt. Wooldridge made contact with the owner of the property and gathered the necessary information itemizing the property stolen. Cpt. Wooldridge initiated an investigation, which is still ongoing.

Cpt. Wooldridge and Officer Nurse responded to a loose dog call in the 1000 block of Giddings St. The dog was captured and transported to the kennels for safekeeping.

August 9, 2012

Cpt. Wooldridge responded to a complaint of a teenager riding a dirt bike and scooter on the public roadway. The teenager was issued warnings about operating the scooter and dirt bike on the roadway.

Officer Jirasek was conducting business checks in the area of Rockdale Street when he noticed an individual at the storage units on Rockdale St. Contact was made with the individual at the storage units and the individual was positively identified. During the filed investigation, it was determined the individual was authorized to be in the area and did have legal access to the storage unit.

Officer Jirasek made contact with a suspicious vehicle on 4th St. Contact was made with the driver of the vehicle who was identified as Samuel Martin Wesson, 28 years of age. After a check was conducted on Wesson’s driver’s license, it was determined the driver was operating the vehicle while his driver’s license was suspended. Wesson’s vehicle was inventoried subsequent to arrest and towed by the Lexington Auto Repair Wrecking Service. Wesson was then arrested for Driving While License Suspended Class “B” Misdemeanor, and transported to the Lee County Jail for booking. Wesson was booked in without incident.

August 10, 2012

Officer Nurse and Reserve Officer Abby Sachtleben were dispatched to the 900 block of Burns in reference to a 911 hangup. Upon arrival, contact was made with the person responsible for placing the 911 call. It was determined the mother was teaching her son how to place a 911 call in case of an emergency and the son accidentally dialed 911. Officers cleared the area without further incident.

Officer Nurse responded to a report of 10 goats loose on SHWY 77 just north of the City of Lexington. Officer Nurse canvassed the area but was unable to locate the goats. Officer Nurse cleared the area without incident.

August 11, 2012

Officer Lucas responded to the 200 block of Hale St. on a disturbance call. Upon arrival, contact was made with all parties involved. During the field investigation, it was determined that Michael Paul Durkin, 68 years of age, did commit the offense of Assault by Threat. Durkin was arrested for Assault by Threat and transported to the Lee County Jail and booked.

Officer Lucas was dispatched to a reckless driver traveling North bound on SHWY 77. Officer Lucas located the reckless driver on the highway and noticed the vehicle was failing to maintain a single lane. Officer Lucas initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver. The driver was identified as Mark Burton, 43 years of age. Burton’s driver’s license was invalid and Officer Lucas observed Burton’s speech being slurred. There was an odor of a consumed beverage coming from his person, so Officer Lucas conducted a Field Sobriety Test on Mr. Burton and, due to the results of the testing, Burton was arrested and transported to the Lee County Jail to be booked in for DWI “3rd Degree Felony” (due to previous convictions) and Driving While License Invalid “Class B Misdemeanor”. Govan’s Wrecker Service towed the vehicle from the scene.

Officer Lucas was conducting building checks at the Lexington High School and Middle School when he discovered an opened door. Officer Lucas entered, conducting a more thorough check of the facility, ensuring no unauthorized person was inside or any damages to the facility. After checking the facility, Officer Lucas did not locate anyone inside or damages to the facility. Officer Lucas cleared without incident and secured the facility to the best of his ability.

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