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Commissioners Consider Facility Use, Burn Ban and More

The Lee County Commissioners learned on Monday that St. Mark’s Medical Center, who currently rents about half of the old Medical Building on East Industry in Giddings, will be vacating the property as of October 31 of this year. This is a recent development, and since there are currently no potential buyers for the building, the County will have a 10,000 square foot building sitting empty. The Court discussed the possibility of converting this space for use as the County Clerk’s office, which is suffering a severe space requirement for record storage. The Commissioners agreed that using this space for the County Clerk and for record storage would make sound financial sense. They agreed that the cost and effort for any necessary remodeling should be studied.

The Court, in light of the continued drought and winds, discussed the possibility of imposing a Burn Ban; however, no Burn Ban was put into effect. Despite that fact, the fire index stands at 629, making grass and brush fires a serious concern. The Court urges all residents to use caution with any outdoor burning.

As a result of additional problems found while repairing the Courthouse, the Commissioners increased the Contingency Fund for the balcony repair by $3,685.

In other action, the Court approved an Interlocal Agreement with Lubbock County for the handling of costs associated with any public defender efforts needed for capital cases. As explained to the Court, the future costs of public defenders could vary substantially, and this agreement is a way to mitigate such potential future costs.

The Court also approved a contract for the Failure to Appear Program, offered by the Driver’s License Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The Court approved a Joint Election Agreement between Dime Box ISD and the County. This will cover the upcoming General Election in November.

The Court renewed the State Case Registry/Local Customer Service (SCR/LCS) with the Office of the State Attorney General. This Contract is renewed annually. The Court also approved the annual agreement with Esri Inc. forArcGIS 911 addressing.

Finally, based on the increasing number of complaints about trash and other unsafe situations throughout the County, the Court approved authorizing a designee from the Judge’s office to issue citations for violations of the state or county health and safety laws in the unincorporated areas of the County.

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