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South Lee County Wakes Up to a Search for a Missing Child

South Lee County rallied in a frantic search for a nine year old girl Monday morning, who went missing when she thought her mother had left to go to work.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, the young girl went missing around 6:45 a.m. Apparently, her mother works down the road, babysitting for a neighbor, and the child may have decided to try to walk to where she thought her mother was, when she got lost.

The search took place in the Serbin area where neighbors are a tight knit community, always helping and looking out for each other.

Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer, along with three of his deputies and a number of Lee County Volunteer Fire Department members, began the search. Initially, they walked the woods, looking for her or any clue of her being in that area. When they had not found her by 8:45 a.m., they contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety, requesting a helicopter to help in the search.

Sheriff Meyer said, “A helicopter can see so much more from the air than we can on the ground, so we called them to assist with the search.”

However, by 9 a.m., the child was located on CR 209, before DPS got their helicopter off the ground in Austin. Apparently, a neighbor saw the child walking on CR 209 in the Serbin - Northrup area, and called one of the volunteers of the fire department to report the sighting.

Another person, who works for the City of Giddings and was keeping abreast of the search, called a friend of theirs in Austin who had a scent dog, in case more help was needed. Fortunately, the dogs were not needed either.

Sheriff Meyer said, “Everything turned out good. You never know what may be the cause of a missing child, but in this case, everything turned out good. The whole community was concerned and everyone was keeping an eye out for her. It’s great that she was found and our worst fears were eliminated.”

The Sheriff’s office said that there isn’t much traffic on the road where she was found, and everyone was pretty worried, especially her parents and grandpa and all the neighbors.

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