2012-08-02 / Sports

Sports Thoughts………

by Mike Organ

The new UIL workout rules, mentioned on page B3 of today’s paper, are designed to keep those mean, sadistic football coaches under control and keep them from overworking their poor children. I am just jesting. There are some that will test the rule to the nth degree. The rest will follow to the letter of the law. The new rules make things just as dangerous for the athletes as it was prior. With the limited time, athletes may not be in as good of physical shape and, more importantly, hitting shape (leading with the head, tackling with the head down, used to taking the hits and rolling with them, etc.).

If they keep ‘refining’ football so no one will get hurt, the sport will possibly be a dinosaur by the 2030’s. (Children born this year will graduate in 2030).

The colleges and pros are beginning to start their late summer workouts, trying to decide who will make their team this year. Some players will “cut themselves” with their off-thefield actions. Others, with superior skills, can make the same mistakes, and they will get overlooked. The recent Penn State problems should teach all coaches and administrators to take everything seriously.

The world is watching the Olympics. I hope the Americans do very well against the rest of the world. They are representing all of us.

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