2012-08-02 / General Stories

Cricket Invasion May Not be Over

Crickets, mostly field crickets, are invading much of Texas earlier than normal. Entomologists say we usually have cricket swarms following our late summer and fall rains. Cricket outbreaks are among the most predictable pest occurrences in Texas. Most of the invaders are black field crickets belonging to the Gryllus assimilis complex.

Field crickets are outside insects which don’t breed or live indoors, so the chance of damage is minimal, but they become a nuisance around homes and businesses due to the sheer numbers. They swarm up walls, over sidewalks and eventually die, causing an unsightly mess and foul odors. Experts say you can reduce the onslaught by turning off outdoor lights at night.

The good news is the heaviest mating flights, which is what these infestations are, is just about over.

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