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From the Chef’s Corner

Leek, Potato, and Ham Soup

Just about once a month, my wife comes home from grocery shopping and places this big bundle of leeks on my chopping block table for me to do some recipe with. More...


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Rope Swings & Flying Potatoes

Dear Readers: This column is one I wrote 5 years ago. Recently, I was asked to re-release it. Enjoy.   More...

Annual Favorite Pet Contest Final Week

Look for the Winners of this year’s contest in next week’s paper!

Bella is seen sleeping with a care bear. Bella’s owners are Kim and Richard Kelley of Lexington. More...

AAPL Recommends Landowners Insist on a Professional

This summer, landowners in South Texas will have a new way tool to help them negotiate oil and gas leases with confidence: the AAPL membership mark.  More...

Home Country

Whenever Delbert McLain – our chamber of commerce here – gets a new idea, he generally shows up at the Mule Barn for coffee. More...

Cricket Invasion May Not be Over

Crickets, mostly field crickets, are invading much of Texas earlier than normal. Entomologists say we usually have cricket swarms following our late summer and fall rains. Cricket outbreaks are among the most predictable pest occurrences in Texas. More...

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