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Lost Pines GCD Interviewing for General Manager

The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District posted a Help Wanted Notice on their website recently, looking to replace their retiring General Manager, Joe Cooper. Cooper announced earlier this year that he would be retiring, so the District has posted the job requirements on their website.

He said, “I’ve really enjoyed working with the District for the past 12-plus years, especially with our board members. They care about the right things and are not going to take any risks with our future. I admire them for that.”

Cooper said he decided to retire so that he could spend time with his wife, Beverly, who retired about eight years ago, and fish more than he is able to do now. He said, “Beverly and I will probably spend quite a bit of time at the lake, both here in Texas and in Arkansas and Missouri, where we have friends who live in the Ozarks. I’ll do the fishing; she’ll shop the antique stores.”

Cooper came to work for the District in 1999 after taking early retirement from LCRA. He lives in Smithville and also plans to do more volunteering in his community and at his church.

The Lost Pines Board of Directors hope to find the right candidate to start in November, allowing Cooper time to help train him or her before he retires on December 1, 2012.

Serving on the board are Alice Darnell of Giddings, President; Michael Talbot of Bastrop, Vice President; Doug Prinz of Elgin, Secretary-Treasurer; Keith Hansberger, Travis McPhaul and Billy Sherrill of Lexington; Michael Simmang of Giddings; David Fleming of Bastrop; Carl Steinbach of Smithville and Ken Daughtry of Elgin.

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