2012-07-26 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Penn State mess is getting crazier. They have taken down the statue of Joe Paterno because he helped in the cover up. He was the winningest college coach ever with all wins recorded at Penn State. The message to all is that sports are important, but not above all else.

The Rangers did not do well in their head to head meeting with the Angels over the weekend. Josh Hamilton has become an average ball player for some reason. Could he have relapsed into his drug addiction?

The Astros are the worst team in baseball period. They are trading away all their marketable players for prospects. Two questions: How do the players that remain with the Astros feel about their futures? Do the fans have to pay major league prices for seats to minor league baseball?

The Eagles were just seconds away from making the semi-finals in the 7 on 7 state meet. Where was Refugio?

The young ladies competing at the state softball tourney did not win state, but they had a very successful summer. All the players got better in their sport. The future looks good for Lexington softball.

The Lady Eagles and Eagles will be reporting to the gym in a week and a half for fall practice. I hope the athletes are in good enough shape for the competition and work outs. It is going to be HOT!!!!

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