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LISD Considers Random Drug Testing

During the regular July Board Meeting, Lexington ISD Trustees deliberated over a proposed new policy which would require ninth through twelfth grade students participating in extra curricular activities to participate in unannounced random drug testing for marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine and various other drugs.

If adopted at the August 6th meeting, student athletes and all other students participating in any extracurricular activities will be subject to random testing with ten to twenty percent being chosen during any testing period.

“Lexington Independent School District is committed to providing our students a safe and drug free environment in which to learn and excel. Because of this commitment, our trustees are considering all avenues to help deter our youth from the devastating cycle of dependence and addiction that drug use can lead to,” said Dr. Frances McArthur, Superintendent.

Coach Jason Holcomb first spoke to trustees last spring about implementing a drug testing program, not to identify and punish students who have made bad decisions about drugs, but to give students who face pressure from their peers to experiment with drugs an out by participating in extra-curricular activities.

Dr. McArthur will present several policy options with alternate consequences at the August 6th meeting. If adopted, Lexington High School officials will conduct meetings with parents and interested student participants prior to the beginning of the fall practice period, as well as providing each parent and student a copy of the drug-testing policy and consent form prior to the student’s participation in an affected activity.

While a few of the details regarding consequences remain to be refined, all in attendance concurred that if random testing can deter our children from drugs, it will be worth the cost and the effort needed to implement this policy.

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