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City of Lexington Pro-Active on Sewer Maintenance

Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. thanks Craig Davidson of Veolia for help with the city’s sewer system. Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. thanks Craig Davidson of Veolia for help with the city’s sewer system. The City of Lexington is being pro-active on sewer maintenance, according to Craig Davidson with Veolia Environmental Services.

“Normally, cities and other large entities wait until something is broken before they invest in ensuring that their sewer systems, and other utility services, work properly. The City of Lexington is not the norm. They have chosen to be pro-active in maintaining their sewer system, which will save the city thousands of dollars in the long run,” said Davidson.

A couple of weeks ago, engineers with Veolia began investigating approximately 50,000 feet of pipe in Lexington’s sewer system. They are about half way through, and hope to be finished with the project within the next three weeks. They are using a new technique that helps them fix problems as they are found without having to excavate damaged or broken pipes, thereby tearing up roadways and other grounds.

“We install a thermal set liner into a cracked or broken pipe, which, once it is cured, becomes solid and mends the pipe. This takes pressure off the treatment center, as well as helps to provide better service to the people the city serves,” continued Davidson.

Veolia is a Fortune 500 corporation with a location in Rockdale on Highway 77. They have been in the rehabilitation service for six years, and have provided the same kind of services for Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin, to name a few.

Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. said, “Although the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality suggested we do this, we believe the money it is costing is well spent. Veolia has already found a few problems that they have fixed, with little or no destruction to our public roads.”

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