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30 Storage Units Burglarized

Thirty storage units at MR Storage on Highway 77 near Dollar General in Lexington were burglarized last Wednesday in the early morning hours.

Capt. Wooldridge and Officer Lucas responded to a call from the owner of MR Storage at about 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. Upon arrival, it was discovered that there were 30 storage units burglarized and damaged. Several items were removed from the units, including electronics and tools.

The investigation revealed that the suspects knocked out the exterior lights in order to commit their crime under the cover of darkness and were able to pry open the locks on each of the units affected.

The Lexington Police Department has generated some positive leads of the possible vehicle and suspects involved in the burglary and contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Giddings Police Department for assistance in identifying the vehicles and possible suspects.

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