2012-07-26 / Community News

Dear Editor

Dear Editor and Respected Residents of Lexington,

First of all, we want to thank the community for the generous support given to us. Although we are from a different culture, the people in this town, as well as throughout this great nation, have treated us with respect and kindness and helped us feel a part of this community. This nation has given us more than we have asked for.

Secondly, we would like to clear a misunderstanding between us and the members of the American Legion. It came to our attention that members of the American Legion were not able to charge against their account recently. This inconvenience would not have happened if the managers had been present at the store during the purchase. Their account was not cancelled; it was just temporarily disabled due to inactivity for the past year. This policy was designed with the safety of our customers in mind, so that no one misuses another’s charge account. The members of the American Legion can use their account, as it has been made active once again, for as long as they want.

Lastly, as members of this community, we have actively supported the community, including the American Legion, and other organizations of this great nation. We have donated to the American Legion in the past and it hurts us when someone doubts our love for this country and its great people.

We appreciate you, and we look forward to being of continued service to you.



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