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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

July 9, 2012

Deputy York was dispatched to a business on Hwy 290 West after a complainant reported that they had been broken into. Evidence was collected and a report was taken. Investigation is currently ongoing.

A motorist reported several cows out on FM 141 at the Middle Yegua Bridge.

Complainants came to the Sheriff’s Office and met with Deputy York regarding renters. They asked how the eviction process worked. They were given the necessary information.

Sheriff Meyer, Chief Deputy Lapham, Deputy York, and B& M Ambulance responded to PR 5011 in Ledbetter regarding a possible deceased person. Phillips & Luckey was dispatched to the scene and a report was taken.

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to CR 316 in Lexington to put up cows that were out at the double curve.

A caller advised that her neighbor went to her house and told her that her boyfriend had assaulted her by choking her. Her dog attempted to protect her and her boyfriend shot the dog. Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Liles spoke to the complainant who advised that her boyfriend had left. Warrants were issued and the subject was arrested.

July 10, 2012

The Walch Store called and reported a gas drive off. The vehicle was described as a red Audi 2 door last seen headed westbound on Hwy 21. Deputy Skinner searched for a vehicle matching the description.

A resident on CR 226 complained that several goats had been out several times last week. They were out again and she almost hit one. Deputy Allen searched the area, but did not locate any goats. He is currently attempting to locate the owner.

A male subject fell in the shower and needed assistance to get up. His wife advised he was not injured, but she could not get him up by herself. Deputy York and Deputy Skinner responded and assisted.

Deputy Rudolph assisted with traffic control on Hwy 21 near CR 426 in Dime Box.

A caller reported that he was at the Savannah Apartments to pick his mother up for a doctor’s appointment and he heard a bell going off in another apartment. Deputy Liles and the caller knocked, but did not get a response. They located an open window and looked inside and found an elderly lady that had fallen and needed help. The deputy and the caller helped her get back up.

July 11, 2012

Burleson County reported a reckless driver traveling at a high rate of speed on Hwy 21 East heading westbound. Deputy York and Deputy Ledenbach searched the area and advised dispatch that a Burleson County unit had the vehicle stopped.

A complainant called and reported that his mailbox was damaged and he saw the actors and followed them to the Bastrop County Line. The vehicle license plate was given to the dispatcher and the description was an older model Chevrolet occupied by three people. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Ledenbach took a report and charges are pending at this time.

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to CR 317 in Lexington after a caller complained that someone was popping fireworks near her pasture and scaring her horses. When Deputy Rudolph arrived in Lexington and was talking to the complainant, the fireworks stopped.

Commissioner Kovar called and reported that the Precinct 4 barn had been vandalized. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ledenbach took a report.

July 12, 2012

Deputy Ledenbach met with a complainant who advised that her sister continues to show up at her residence causing problems. She requested a criminal trespass warning be issued.

A caller reported that she allowed her aunt to take her kids for a week and now it was a couple of weeks later. She has attempted to call her aunt, but she never answers her phone. The aunt called and spoke to Deputy Ayres and advised that the children were abandoned by their mother and CPS let her take them.

July 13, 2012

A complainant came to the Sheriff’s Office to file a credit card abuse complaint. Deputy York assisted and took a report.

A concerned citizen reported that her neighbor was out of town and she noticed that their barn door was open. Deputy Rudolph checked the barn and everything appeared secure.

Deputy Liles checked on a suspicious vehicle on CR 118. The vehicle description was a green 4 door car that was parked in front of a residence. The driver was confronted and he stated that he pulled in because he was trying to turn around.

July 14, 2012

Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Liles assisted Lexington Police at a disturbance call on Ave A in Lexington. One subject was arrested for assault.

A caller advised that his wife was moving out and she had all her kids there and they were trying to cause problems. Caller requested an officer go out there before the situation got serious. Deputy York and Deputy Ayres responded. Both parties agreed to separate.

A motorist reported that she saw a vehicle run off the roadway and hit an electrical pole on Hwy 290 West at CR 200. Deputy Ayres assisted Trooper Weiser at the accident scene.

July 15, 2012

Deputy Liles and Deputy Ledenbach were dispatched to a possible disturbance call on PR 5002 in Ledbetter. It was a verbal confrontation and both parties separated for the night.

A caller reported that his wife slapped him and then locked him out of their house. Deputy Allen, Deputy Liles and Deputy Ledenbach responded.

A motorist reported that a vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road on Hwy 21 near CR 404 in Dime Box. Deputy Liles and Deputy Ledenbach searched for the vehicle.

Deputy York went to a residence on Hwy 21 after a caller reported that a tree on his property had been struck by lightning and he was afraid that it would fall over and catch his grass on fire.


07/15/2012: 54 MALES: 51 FEMALES: 3

The Lee County Sheriff ’s Deputies investigated one Assault, one Assault Family Violence, one Burglary, two Thefts and one Motor Vehicle Theft for the month of June. You never have to give your name, and if your information leads to the arrest and indictment of the criminal, you could earn up to $1,000.

Call us twenty–four hours a day at 866-930-TIPS (8477).

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