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By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

Activity at Lake Somerville has slowed considerably since the 4th of July. Last weekend, fewer than 7-8 vehicles could be seen at most parks, with Overlook Marina Park only having approximately 25 boat trailers.

The water is warm and folks aren’t really interested in dodging rain storms. In fact, the best part of the last week has been rain in the forecast every day. Come the weekend, high temperatures cause thunderstorms to develop and boaters either get off the lake or venture to the opposite side of the lake until the storm passes.

As for fishing, white bass are still being caught, but fishermen really have to work for them unless the secret lure is being used. The secret lure is...sorry, it’s a secret. Bass and catfish are being caught, but numbers reflect this is slow as well.

Besides working area lakes, district wardens are busy with cadet applicant interviews, cadet background training, Game Warden Training Academy, preparing boats, trailers and specialized equipment for hurricane preparedness, covering adjoining counties due to vacation and temporary assignments and anything else we’re asked to do.

Here lately, concerned citizens have called our Operation Game Thief hotline, but failed to give the operator solid information which needs to be passed on to responding wardens. In one case, a caller became profane with the operator and was dealt with accordingly. If you see something you’re not sure about, take the time to explain to the operator; they may be able to answer your question or at least point someone in the right direction.

I may be contacted at 979-540-0194 (leave message) or victor.gonzales@tpwd.state.tx.us.

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