2012-07-12 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…….

by Mike Organ

With the summer issue of Texas Football and the state 7 on 7 tourney at Texas A&M, football season is just around the corner. It seems the older we get, the faster the months fly off the calendar. Sometimes it is a good thing.

The Astros are limping into the All-Star break by losing eight of the last nine years. I noticed a lot of empty seats during Sunday’s broadcast. I wonder how long the Houston faithful will continue to pay for expensive seats while the Astros become competitive.

The Rangers are also stumbling some, because of lackluster pitching. The big hitters are in a slump at the same time.

In a week or so, the pro football teams will start their training camps. The Cowboys and Texans will both be expecting breakout seasons this year. I would love to see an all Texas Super Bowl.

There are a lot of surprises in major league baseball. Who is Trout? What has happened Pujols? Who is R.A. Dickey? Why are the Nationals and Pirates leading their divisions? The defending champion Phillies are in last place in their division. Why?

Why are so many of today’s very well physically trained athletes getting injured? Could it be that they are overly conditioned? Could it be that in the chase of excellence, the bodies of athletes are reaching their optimum?

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