2012-07-05 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

Several UT and A&M exes are making the U.S. Olympic team. These athletes are something special when they continue to train in their sport long after school teams are finished.

On the flip side, how would you like it if you had trained for five, maybe ten years and failed to make the team? Especially if you finished one place short of making the team? You not only have to be skilled in your chosen sport, but extremely determined and goal oriented.

Despite the drop of 32 students in high school the last four years, Lexington looks to be a solid 2A school for years to come.

Well, A&M is now an SEC school. TCU and West Virginia are in the Big XII. There were celebrations in Fort Worth and Morgantown, but I did not see any such goings on in College Station.

The #2 state ranking will put a bullseye on the Eagles this season. Every team we play will be giving the Green their best shot. It will make our players have to be on their best performance every game. There will be no relaxing games on the schedule. Just think back to Rosebud- Lott this past season.

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