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Overview of Supreme Court Opinion

By Michael T. McCaul Member of Congress

Today big government prevailed over freedom. While I respect the law of the land, and while Obamacare prevailed today, it will fail on the first Tuesday of November. The Supreme Court has validated what we have called this all along and what the president flatly denied: that this is the biggest tax increase on the American people, and that no American is free of the heavy hand of government. This law infringes on our freedoms, lacks public support, will continue to cripple our health care system and damage our economy. For these reasons it is important that Congress acts quickly to fully repeal the president’s failed health care policies and replace them with commonsense reforms.

The American people reject government mandates, massive tax increases and federal control of their personal health care decisions. Under the Obama health care policies, premiums are skyrocketing and countless people are losing the very health care coverage they were promised they could keep. Doctors and businesses have also been penalized under the new health care law while government bureaucrats thrive under the new system.

Congressional Republicans will continue to address the core reforms of ensuring access to care, regardless of means and pre-existing conditions, without needlessly punishing individuals, families and businesses, without killing jobs, and without driving doctors out of their profession. We must replace the failing Obama policies with competition-driven reforms backed by the American people, that will ultimately lower the cost of care and make it more affordable for anyone who chooses to purchase insurance coverage.

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