2012-06-28 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 18, 2012

Deputy Carvin checked on some dogs on CR 118; the dogs did have food and water.

A caller reported that a black male was trying to stop vehicles on FM 3403. Deputy Ray checked on subject; all was ok.

Deputy Ayers checked on some gun fire on PR 2332, but was unable to locate anybody shooting.

A fight was reported behind the Lexington Elementary School; Deputy Skinner and Deputy Ayers assisted Officer Jirasek; upon arrival they were unable to locate anyone.

Deputy Ayers assisted the Giddings Police Department with a transport to Austin State Hospital.

June 19, 2012

A motorist reported some cows out on FM 3403; Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach were unable to locate any cows out.

Caller reported some sheep in his roping pen and would like them removed. Deputy Skinner was dispatched. He found the owner of the sheep.

Dispatch received calls about a reckless driver on Hwy 290. Deputy Ayers did catch up to the vehicle, but did not observe any traffic violations.

Deputy Ayers was unable to locate some loose cattle reported on FM 112.

June 20, 2012

Dispatch received a call about some calves in the road on FM 696; Deputy Allen put them up.

Deputy Carvin took a report for a dog bite on Hwy 21 west.

A caller stated that a woman pulled a gun on him; Deputy Skinner, Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayers were notified and took information regarding the case.

June 21, 2012

Deputy Ayers and Deputy Liles assisted Commissioner Pitts with the removal of a tree on CR 118.

Deputy Allen gathered information on a terroristic threat on Hwy 290.

Some criminal mischief on CR 217 was resolved by Deputy Allen.

Chief Deputy Lapham took a theft report from a lady who came into the office. The theft happened on CR 135.

Dispatch received a call from Lexington PD Officer Woolridge for a welfare check on a male that lives on FM 112. Deputy Allen, Deputy Ray, Deputy Ledenbach and Chief Deputy Lapham all responded. They were unable to locate the subject at three different locations, but finally did get a hold of the person he was with. All was ok.

Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Ray responded to a disturbance on CR 412 over a house. Both parties involved resolved the issue.

A cow was reported out on Hwy 290 near CR 233. Upon arrival, Deputy Liles was unable to locate the cow.

A caller reported some suspicious activity on CR 219; Deputy Rudolph checked the area, but did not see anybody or anything suspicious in the area.

June 22, 2012

Deputy Liles was unable to locate some loose cattle on FM 2239 near the Bastrop County line.

Deputy Carvin responded to the same cows on FM 2239. There was a Bastrop County deputy there and they were able to locate an owner.

A burglar alarm was activated on FM 141. Deputy Ledenbach, Deputy Ray and Deputy Carvin responded and found everything ok.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach located a vehicle on Hwy 77 that was involved in an accident in Fayette County. They stayed with the vehicle until the State Trooper arrived.

A caller reported that somebody tried to break into her car on CR 118. Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach responded.

A motorist reported a vehicle broke down in the roadway on Hwy 77 north. Deputy Skinner was unable to locate the vehicle.

June 23, 2012

A criminal mischief case was taken by Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Ray for some damage to a fence on CR 101.

Deputy Carvin responded to a donkey call on Old Middle School Road. He was unable to locate any owner for the donkey.

A motorist reported two horses out on FM 696 near Willow Creek Road. Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Ray removed the horses from the road and notified the owner.

Dispatch received a call about some cows out on CR 132. Deputy Skinner was able to locate the animals and ran them back into the fenced area.

A caller reported a man and female walking down the road on Hwy 290. The caller said they ran off into the woods. They were spotted by another person, and ran off into the woods again. Deputy Rudolph checked the area but was unable to locate anybody in the area.

June 24, 2012

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Rudolph assisted Trooper Thorp with a one car accident on CR 208.

Deputy Carvin completed a civil stand by on Hwy 290 without any incidents.

A caller reported that somebody ran through his fence and also hit a gas substation on FM 448; Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Ray took a report.

A caller reported that her neighbor called and told her somebody was on her property going through her shed. Deputy Carvin was dispatched, but could not find anybody on or around the property.

A vandalism report was taken by Deputy Carvin on CR 327.

Deputy Skinner cleared up some debris on the road on FM 448 near the railroad crossing.

Some cattle were reported on the road on FM 141 near FM 1697. Deputy Rudolph ran the cattle off the road.

Deputy Skinner assisted Officer Jirasek with the recovery of a stolen vehicle on CR 329.

Deputy Rudolph took a report for an assault that occurred near CR 309.

Jail Report

JAIL COUNT: 06/24/2012: 57 MALES: 53 FEMALES: 4

The 4th of July is a time to remember our country’s birthday and the freedoms that we all enjoy. Remember we live in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” May everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July. When using fireworks, do so with safety in mind. REWARD FOR INFORMATION ON CRIMES IN LEE COUNTY. CALL CRIME STOPPERS 1-866-930-TIPS (8477).

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