2012-06-21 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 11, 2012

A motorist reported several cows out on Hwy 21 in Dime Box. Deputy Rudolph searched the area but advised dispatch that he did not locate any cows out.

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to 4490 Hwy 21 west after a resident reported that several goats and a ram were on her property. The animals were off the roadway.

June 12, 2012

A concerned citizen reported that a white Cadillac was sitting on the side of the roadway on CR 139. Deputy Skinner was given the license plate and upon his arrival he advised that the vehicle had left the area.

A motorist reported that he was driving down CR 306 and a tree fell in front of him and then another tree fell behind him and he was trapped. Deputy Rudolph responded and removed what he could of one of the trees so that the motorist could get out. Commissioners were notified of the trees that were down.

Several callers reported a one vehicle accident on Hwy 21 at the Middle Yegua Creek Bridge. The driver was okay but the vehicle was hung up on the bridge. Deputy Liles took the crash report.

Deputy Rudolph responded to a residential burglar alarm in Lexington. The doors and windows were all secure. The owner was notified.

June 13, 2012

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to FM 696 @ CR 406 after a motorist reported cows out. The cows were run off the roadway and into a pasture.

The Sheriff’s Office received numerous 9-1-1 calls reporting that a horse and a mule were out on Hwy 77 @ Hwy 21. A few seconds later a motorist reported that an 18-wheeler hit the horse. Deputy Skinner assisted Trooper Manner. The horse owner was notified of the situation.

Deputy Liles searched for a white box truck that was failing to maintain a single lane of traffic on Hwy 290 East heading westbound. The truck was located in the Texaco parking lot. The driver was having trouble with his tires and pulled into the gas station to check his tire pressure.

A caller reported that he went to check on his aunt because he had not heard from her in a couple of days. When he arrived at her residence he advised that she was deceased. Deputy Liles, Deputy Allen and Deputy Carvin responded to the call. JP Smith and Phillips and Luckey were dispatched to the scene also.

June 14, 2012 Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach responded to Westwood Villa Apartments after a caller reported that a juvenile had been struck by a vehicle and the vehicle had left the scene. Trooper Early was dispatched to the scene. The vehicle was known to the tenants at the apartments. The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female who stated that she was in the car but was now at work. Information was given to the trooper.

A complainant reported that a woman had left her vehicle in her driveway because she was having car trouble. The driver told her she would be back to get it but it was still there. Deputy Ayres advised the complainant that she had the right to have it towed since it was on her private property.

Deputy Ayres responded to a disturbance at Westwood Villa Apartments. A caller stated that approx 7-10 guys were outside trying to pick a fight with her two sons. All parties involved were identified and separated.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Ayres attempted to locate a silver Nissan Altima that was occupied by a white female. The vehicle was said to be failing to maintain a single lane. Deputy Ayres and Deputy Allen located the vehicle and checked out the driver. She recently had back surgery and was in a lot of pain. She was going to pull over for a while.

Union Pacific Railroad called and reported that a locomotive was on fire on PR 448. Deputy Ayres and Deputy Allen were dispatched, along with South Lee County Fire Dept.

June 15, 2012

Captain Gonzales assisted with traffic control on Hwy 290 West. A vehicle was stranded and the vehicle was partially in the road. The vehicle was pushed off the traffic lane.

A complainant reported that she was in the process of moving out and her landlord was causing problems. She requested a deputy on CR 329. Deputy Rudolph responded and advised that the landlord had already given back property to the renter. The case was a civil matter and they were referred to a JP.

An anonymous caller requested that a deputy drive through the parking lot of Westwood Villa Apartments because there was a group of people arguing. Deputy Carvin drove through a few times and didn’t see anyone outside.

June 16, 2012

Deputy Skinner met with a complainant on CR 107. Sometime during the night her mailbox was knocked over. A report was taken.

A caller reported that he was missing a red and white bull with short horns and an ear tag with #67 or #68. The bull stays on CR 114 near Hwy 77. Deputy Rudolph took the information.

Deputy Rudolph spoke to a complainant who stated that he was assaulted by his girlfriend’s boyfriend. Subject lives on PR 5002 in Ledbetter. After speaking to the deputy the complainant decided he did not want to file any charges.

June 17, 2012

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a male subject stating that a truck was chasing him on FM 2440. Complainant said they turned east bound on Hwy 21 and were traveling at 80- 100 mph. Then, the person in the other truck was trying to ram them off the road. The complainant’s phone went dead. Dispatch was able to get the complainant on the phone. He advised the other truck ran off the road. Deputy Rudolph located the vehicle and had it towed. Incident is currently under investigation.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Skinner were dispatched to Hwy 21 to attempt to locate approx 15 head of cattle out on the roadway. The cows were already off the road.

A motorist reported that a donkey was out on the road of FM 141 near CR 123. Deputy Allen searched the area but did not locate the animal.

Several motorists reported a two vehicle accident on Hwy 290 East. Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph assisted at the scene.

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