2012-06-21 / Community News

Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

To the good citizens of Lexington and (Interim) Chief Yarbrough,Good morning. I have only been here for ten years but I have observed many problems with the Police Dept. from a corrupt Police Chief to corrupt Police Officers.

Recently I have noticed a favorable change in the Police Dept. Just this weekend, I saw Officer Blake Jirasek simply stopping off to visit with kids and just generally converse with citizens while performing his duties. I see other officers acting with the same kindness, affability and professionalism.

It surely looks like we’ve got a fine bunch of officers. It would be wonderful if we could all get behind this Police Dept. In a nutshell, it really seems like Lexington P.D. has done a complete 180, thanks to Chief Bowden and Chief Yarbrough. It looks like with this department, we can feel safe and trust.

Thanks for your time, Scott D. Boynton, Lexington

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