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(Life Lessons from Hospice Patients)

“Don’t We Know Change is Always Coming?”

Robert was in the hospital for cancer surgery. They went in, took one look, and closed him back up. It had spread everywhere. Less than a day later, doctors were talking with the family about hospice.

Robert was in his late fifties. Still somewhat in shock, he managed to greet me with a smile. “I wish I could say I’m glad to meet you,” he sighed. “I didn’t see this coming.”

“How could you?” I replied.

Robert just stared at me, stunned. It dawned on me that he really expected himself to be prepared for anything.

After a while, he threw his head back and laughed. “That’s just like us, isn’t it? Something changes and we freak out. Don’t we know change is always coming?”

Change. It’s upon us. We might even say change is a constant in life. It’s going to happen, yet by its very nature, it keeps us guessing as to what, when, and where.

I believe in being prepared (yes, I was a Boy Scout). I’m still going to get surprised. Some of the surprises may not be good.

How will I meet the change that’s always coming? I could shut my eyes and pretend things are the same. I could grumble and wish it were different. Or I could dare to gaze at this monster through the lens of faith.

Maybe I need to change to meet this challenge.

“Don’t we know that change is always coming?” Will we rise to meet it?

Thanks, Robert.

Gary Roe is the Chaplain of Southern Care Hospice and is interim Minister at First Baptist Church in Lexington

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