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Sometimes writing a column is difficult because the words just aren’t there. Other times putting thoughts in this space is made tougher because of the challenge of a friend. This column is the latter, because my (toremain unnamed) friend challenged me to include all of the holidays surrounding this date.

I start with today, Flag Day, remembering that it was my father, Father’s Day, who first taught me to take off my hat, stand at attention and put my hand over my heart whenever our colors were displayed in a parade. Other dads instructed their children to remember the gift of freedom which they received on the soon-to-be-celebrated date, Juneteenth. And, finally, although it has been unseasonably hot in June, Summer does not officially arrive until the 20th!

Yes, I know that I might have devoted an entire column to the importance of taking care of our flag and our general dislike for those who would desecrate or burn it. And, I might have used the opportunity to tell a favorite story about my father who once faked spanking my brother and me because he thought what we had done was funny, even though my mother, who called for the whippings, did not!

And, I could have recalled when my mother and I watched together on TV as Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. But, I am out of my allotted musing time already and I have yet to go shopping for my summer bathing suit.

So, all of you all, have a great holiday, whichever one it is that you are celebrating. As for my friend, time to pay up on that bet!

Rev. David Fischer is interim Minister at First Christian Church in Lexington

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