2012-06-07 / Police

Lexington Police Report

by Captain Clarence Yarbourgh

May 30, 2012

Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Jirasek responded to a walk-in report of found property. The property was discovered in the area of Giddings St. The property was taken and tagged as found property and placed in evidence for safekeeping.

Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Jirasek responded to the 1900 Blk of SHWY 77 N in reference to a grass fire that got out of hand. Cpt. Yarbrough and Officer Jirasek extinguished the portion of the fire they could and the Lexington VFD responded and finished extinguishing the rest of the flames. Mr. Avery Wright of Wright Insurance also assisted. Thank you Mr. Wright for your assistance.

Cpl. Wooldridge conducted a welfare check in the 1200 Blk of Rockdale St. Contact was made and there were no problems to report at the time, so Cpl. Wooldridge cleared the area.

Cpl. Wooldridge responded to a Theft from a Vehicle Call in the area of 5th St. Cpl. Wooldridge took a report and a Criminal Investigation is being conducted at this time.

June 1, 2012

Officer Blake Jirasek responded to a traffic hazard in the area of SHWY 77 N. A large dog, which had been struck by an unknown vehicle, was blocking the roadway. Officer Jirasek removed the animal from the road.

Officer Jirasek responded to an animal complaint call in the 800 Blk of Main St. The complaint was of a wild animal in the yard of a local citizen. Officer Jirasek cornered and corralled the animal, removing it from the citizen’s yard. The animal was then taken and released.

Officer Jirasek responded to a possible attempted burglary of a building. Upon arrival, Officer Jirasek discovered there was no supporting evidence of a break in, and cleared the scene.

Officer Nurse responded to a structure fire in the area of Hale St. Upon arrival, Officer Nurse discovered the structure which was engulfed with flames was the church parsonage, which was no longer being used. Officer Nurse then blocked off the area for the Lexington VFD to respond and extinguish the fire. Once the Lexington VFD arrived on scene, Officer Nurse began canvassing the area in an attempt to gather information which could potentially lead to identifying a potential suspect. Officer Nurse spoke with Fire Chief Don Milburn and advised the cause of the fire is unknown at this time but an investigation will be conducted.

June 2, 2012

Officer Nurse assisted Lee County Deputies and DPS with traffic control on a vehicle accident on SHWY 77.

Officer Nurse assisted with patrolling the parking lots during the Lexington High School Graduation.

Officer Nurse responded to a disturbance call in the 700 Blk of Giddings St. Office Nurse made contact with the parties involved and then de-escalated the situation where both parties agreed take some time apart for the night to calm down. The parties separated and peace was restored.

Officer Nurse assisted the graduating seniors and other students with project graduation ensuring that no problems occurred.

June 3, 2012

Officer Nurse responded to a suspicious person at the Peterson’s Grocery Store. Officer Nurse made contact with the suspicious person who advised he was lost and was trying to go in the direction of Elgin. Officer Nurse escorted the individual to FM 696 W, where he was in route to Elgin.

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