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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I want to express my deepest appreciation to our election workers and to the workers of the Lee County Clerk’s office. Their dedication and service were simply marvelous. Just think, they took time from their Memorial Day schedules to come to the county clerk’s office to pick up their election kits and voting machines for the next day’s election (May 29, 2012). I don’t think you can buy this kind of dedication and service anywhere. They simply performed an act called patriotism. There are times when we do not say “thank you” enough for the work that people do behind the scenes, and they simply did their work beautifully. It would be difficult to imagine what kind of country we would have without that support. The people who took part in our election process as voters, election workers, and county officials are the “linchpins” to our republic. We should never become complacent to expect these things to occur, and as “linchpins,” may we never experience rust or decay in doing the things that are right.

We also need to become mentors for young people to take on these positions as future election workers. We need to start recruiting new election workers for the November election.

Again, regardless of your political views as election workers, you were simply marvelous, and I want say, “Thank you.”


Vance Bradford

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