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City Passes Ordinance to Resolve Dispute

Above is a sign posted at a local residence. Above is a sign posted at a local residence. The City passed an ordinance last week that updates a former ordinance requiring city residents and non-residents to allow access to utility meters as a condition of service. The change to the ordinance became necessary when a local resident posted a sign at their entrance, refusing access to their property by city employees, following a dispute with the city.

The City of Lexington manually reads utility meters for all of its water and electric customers, both inside and outside the city limits. The updated ordinance states that the city of Lexington requires reasonable and safe access to its utility meters, making a city worker able to walk to a meter without climbing a fence and without being threatened.

The ordinance also reads that the city requires that gates be installed in fences that obstruct access and that the gates be unlocked when City staff members come to read the meter. Furthermore, the ordinance states that the City staff reserves the right to determine whether a threat has been made or not.

“Any property that has a ‘No Trespassing’ sign in the yard, must sign an authorization with the City staff stating that the sign does not apply to staff when reading utility meters.”

“Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of the ordinance shall forfeit their access to the City of Lexington utilities. City staff shall give a person written notice and ten (10) days to cure the violation before the termination of utilities. If utilities are terminated, all provisions regarding disconnection and reconnection set out in the Code of Ordinances shall apply. This ordinance is effective immediately.”

With the local citizen posting the No Trespassing sign, disallowing city access to their property, the subject had to be addressed.

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